When the Canadian wintery weather is still going strong and your wallet is hurting from your last trip, the most wonderful places to travel can be found from the comfort of your own couch. Whether you’re looking for adventure and escape, or history and knowledge, look no further than the latest theme packs from TELUS Optik TV®. Maybe inspiration will strike and you’ll find your next big travel destination! Here are five of the most exciting and adventurous series on television right now.


Escape to the Wild

escape to the wild

Everyone catches themselves dreaming about packing up their worldly belongings and giving up the rat-race for a simpler kind of life. But on Escape to the Wild, host Kevin McLeod visits families who have actually done exactly that. From a jungle paradise to high in the mountains of northern Sweden, these former urbanites have given up their city lifestyles and jobs to create incredible homes in even more incredible locations. Catch this and more on the Cottage Life channel, part of TELUS Optik TV’s Living theme pack.


David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef

david attenborough

Sir David Attenborough, world famous naturalist and documentarian, has created yet another masterpiece with his new series on the Great Barrier Reef. The reef system, nestled off the coast of Australia and covering over 2,300km of coast, is endangered, and as a result, is mostly inaccessible to tourists. Visit this wonder on the Documentary channel through TELUS’ Knowledge theme pack, and let Attenborough’s famously soothing voice carry you away.


National Park Secrets & Legends


National Parks are the ultimate family road trip destination. But did you know that beyond their scenic beauty and family-friendly campgrounds lie hundreds of untold stories and mysteries? Travel through these stunning North American parks, without the help of the old family station wagon, and learn about unsolved murders, UFO’s, and ghostly encounters on the Travel & Escape channel, part of TELUS’ Explore theme pack.


Dual Survival


Everyone has had a vacation that didn’t go quite as planned, but have you ever been marooned on an uninhabited island with only a small pack of supplies? The kind of adventure travel on Dual Survival is best left to the professionals (and their camera crew) while you take in the epic scenery from home with the TELUS Optik TV World & Beyond theme pack. Take notes, adventure enthusiasts. You never know when you might need to hack through the Amazon using a machete, or drink your own urine to survive the Atacama Desert.


Geordie Shore

gordie shore

Travel to beautiful Newcastle, England with famed British naturalists as they try to survive the city’s roughest bars, beaches and breakups…. okay, maybe Geordie Shore isn’t want you’re looking for. So why pay for it? With Optik TV’s smaller, more relevant theme packs, you’re able to customize your channels more than ever, meaning more travel and adventure shows, and less chance of running into these folks. So pay for the channels you actually love, and start saving for your next great adventure.