5 Apps To Unlock The Secrets Of The City Of Angels
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Recycle that bulky guide book. You don’t have the room for it in your carry-on anyway...

With just your trusty smartphone to hand, Los Angeles can be yours. So load up these five apps and there will be no precious vacation time wasted getting lost in sprawling neighbourhoods. No sloppy second-rate overpriced food will be served up in dingy restaurants. No opportunity to save time on public transport will be missed. And no hot-to-trot art show will escape your enthusiastic grasp.

Take our word for it: In LA, don’t worry; be ‘appy. local scene 2LA Tourism/Michele and Tom Grimm

LA For Lovers Of The Local Scene

Like a bottle of cyanide, the LA Urban Adventures Treasure mApp comes with a deliciously intriguing warning that is sure to tickle the curiosity of any Canadian adventurer worth their salt. This app states – and I quote – ‘WARNING: This is not your average tourist guide’.

The app reveals the best places to people-watch, pick up unique souvenirs, indulge in the artsy side of the city, savour the best food and experience some nature.

How does it work? Go for a wander around the city and when you’re near something that the Urban Adventures team thinks is pretty cool, you’ll get a little beep in your pocket.

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LA For Culture Vultures

The Museum of Contemporary Art, the LA County Museum of Art and endless boutique galleries to explore... Is it really any wonder that the Canadian culture vulture doesn’t know where on earth to begin when they visit LA?

Well, here’s the secret to artistic success in the City of Angels: the ArtConcierge Los Angeles app. This is funky stuff for the artsy crowd – we’re talking art fairs, exhibitions, VIP parties and fringe venues.

LA For Street Wise Gourmets

gourmet 1LA Tourism/Travis ConklinNothing drains the bank balance – and the good times – more than paying over the odds for some underwhelming food. Well, fear not, tight-fisted foodies! The Los Angeles Street Food app is here to ensure that you can eat like a LA native for under $20 a meal.

Interactive maps, listings, reviews and picture slideshows reveal where you can find lip-smacking grub for a pittance. Bon Appétit!

LA For The Social Savvy

Recommended by the web team at the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, Citymaps is a new social map app that allows you to create and share maps of your favourite places in LA.

Available across the States – and set to expand across the planet – Citymaps is one of the world’s first global social maps, featuring turn-by-turn directions, one-touch store finders and a stream of real time Instagram photos, menus and user comments.

LA For One-Stop-Shoppers

one stop 1LA Tourism/Travis ConklinShopping, dining, transit, beaches, yoga, nightlife...you name it: it’s on the Los Angeles Way - Everything Los Angeles app from MyCityWay.

With more than 30 different categories, this is an impressive all-rounder. Get around better, faster and smarter and enjoy offline access to important information like bus and rail maps.

Over five million people have used the MyCityWay guides to enhance their city experiences, and the LA Way app is perfect for those who like to make sure that they have all bases covered.