Real talk: Before I did it, I had no idea how I felt about cruising. How could one possibly stay entertained while on a massive ship that would be at sea for four out of the seven-day trip? But after spending a week onboard the Celebrity Equinox, I have a new found love for this method of travel. Here are a few of the unexpected surprises I enjoyed at sea: 


Silent disco

I’ve heard of this quiet-style dance-off before, but I did not imagine it happening in the middle of the ocean. The idea, as the name suggests, is to rock out with headphones on, everyone playing the music of their choice, while the room stays silent (except for the attendees singing out loud to whatever is making them groove, of course). It’s hilarious and the temptation to join wins, every time.

Guests get to use high-quality, Bluetooth headphones with a switch that allows you to turn through various stations playing different types of music. The headphones light up to a different colour matching each station, so if you and your friend both have blue lights, you’re dancing to the same tune. You can choose from different parties all in the same room, or take off your headphones if you want a break from the music but still sit back and watch the fun. At first, I thought I’d be embarrassed but the second those headphones go on, the shyness goes out to sea. It’s perfect for a ship; everyone can join the party but the neighbours won’t be awoken from their late-night slumber.


A basketball court

Credit: Celebrity Cruises / Troy House

I’m from Prince Edward Island, a small city dependant on tourists in the summer, so I’ve seen thousands of cruise ships coming and going. But still, I apparently didn't quite grasp how big cruise ships are, because I was completely amazed to find out that there is half a standard-sized basketball court on the back of Celebrity Equinox. Its regulation lines and nets make it easy for a group of people to shoot hoops, have a game of three-on-three, or even organize a tournament during a day at sea. Nets surrounding the court assure the ball will stay well within the game and not out in the waves.


Glass blowing classes

Credit: Celebrity Cruises

Why buy your chip bowl when you can make your own? Celebrity Equinox offers professional 20-minute glass blowing classes allowing you to create and take your masterpiece with you. In the on-site studio equipped with commercial-grade ovens heating up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, they walk you through the entire process, starting with scooping up the molten glass on long, steel pipes. The choices vary from different types of vases, bowls, flower decorations and even tumblers. If you only want to learn about glass blowing without taking part, you can sit back and watch as cameras display the process on larger screens and the glass experts wear microphones to explain the steps. Bonus? After your art has cooled for 24 hours and is ready to be taken home, you can decide to pick it up or have it delivered to your stateroom so you don’t have to interrupt your sun-bathing schedule.


Sunset yoga on the lawn

Credit: Steve Beaudet / Celebrity Cruises

Sun-soaking in the middle of the ocean while still enjoying the feel of grass on my feet is definitely not something I thought possible, but Celebrity Equinox made it so. The only cruise line with real grass onboard, the lawn is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy that home-sweet-home feel. I was yet again delightfully surprised to find out that a sunset yoga night was part of our itinerary. Our beautiful Yogi, Milijana, led us through a series of calming poses as the sun lowered, and as we breathed through Shavasana it was only the moon above our heads and the ocean in the background lulling us to peace.


A library

Credit: Michel Verdure / Celebrity Cruises

For the bookworm in all of us who doesn’t like to weigh down our suit cases with heavy books, Celebrity Equinox offers a full range library plus chairs and a quiet area to sit and relax. It’s a perfect alternative to the usual day by the pool or party scene.