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“No matter what you eat or where you’re from, we can all connect through images of food,” Dennis Prescott, the Canadian foodie Instagram star said as he stood before a packed room at Mengrai Gourmet Thai in Toronto.

Prescott, who recently published his first cookbook Eat Delicious, joined the Travel Corporation Canada and Kayla Shubert of the Tourism Authority of Thailand to learn about the food-focused destination, and enjoy some authentic Thai food in the meantime.

The Travel Corporation, which offers a wide variety of escorted tours through many parts of Asia, hosted the event with a particular focus on Thailand, which, according to Shubert, will focus more on integrating local culinary experiences for travellers throughout 2017-2018.

“It not only benefits the traveller to experience local food and activities,” she said, “it also allows local people to share and celebrate their customs.”

Prescott, who is known for his mouthwatering images of large group meals, led a workshop on the art of capturing brag-worthy culinary moments on Instagram for any Asia-bound travellers who find themselves sharing a feast in-destination.

Here are Dennis Prescott’s top tips for taking your “foodstagrams” to the next level:


1. Tell a story

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Is the meal part of a date night? A holiday feast? The best photos are the ones with a narrative, so be sure to create an intriguing mise en scene around your miso soup.

2. Take a step back

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While macro shots of dewy fruit and crispy chicken make for a glamorous shot, every story needs context. Consider including hints of what’s happening beyond the frame, and focus on the setting as a whole, rather than what’s simply on your plate.

3. Find your hero

Food presentation travel donut hands tasty

Every story needs a superhero. In the case of food photography, it could be the cherry on a sundae, or the bacon in a burger. Whatever it is, figure out where you want the eye to be drawn when framing up your shot – it’ll help create an anchor for the entire image.

4. Composition is everything

Food presentation travel donut hands tasty

Keep in mind that colour separation creates definition (surrounding pink steak with fresh, bright greens, etc.), and that when viewing images, the eye subconsciously moves from the top left to the bottom right of the frame. Set up your shot accordingly.

5. Get in the action

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The fun of a photo is in its movement, which can create a timeless, human factor. Create action in your shot whenever you can, even if it’s just a dribble of ice cream running down the front of a cone.



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