Do you like the top (a forest canopy) or the bottom (under ground)? Discover new places for sleeping around.

ATP_Lost Chambers Suite Bathroom_1Atlantis DubaiUnderwater Hotels Why not go under? Water that is. Forget the traditional ocean view room, at resorts like Dubai’s Atlantis The Palm, you can enjoy a real ocean view when staying at the resort’s underwater Lost Chamber suites, innovative luxury guest suites submerged in the resort’s Ambassador Lagoon. This elaborate underwater world brings to life what the lost city of Atlantis could have been, based on the real-life ruins discovered here during the resort’s construction. And hopefully you’re not shy. Your neighbours – 65,000 marine animals – will be watching day and night.

Ice HotelXdachez.comIce Hotels Ice hotels have come a long way since the first one built in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden in 1989. Now they’re cool, sexy and even futuristic. Bring your parka, mitts and someone you have very warm relations with to Quebec City’s Hotel de Glace, open between January and March annually. The temporary structure, rebuilt each season, is made completely of ice and snow – from the rooms and the beds, to the artwork, the bar and the glasses in which specially created ice-themed cocktails are served. The Nordic spa, complete with hot tub and sauna is a popular hang-out. Just chill.

cave.shutterstockShutterstock/fritz 16Underground Cave Motel If you’re going to the land Down Under, why not sleep down under? Coober Pedy, in South Australia, is known as the “Opal Capital of the World.” It could also be the Underground Capital of the World. Not because of its nefarious inhabitants (they’re not), but because hotels and homes are underground to escape the repressive heat. Natural air is pumped in through air shafts and the outside world is accessed through a veranda. The cave dwellings have all the comforts of home – even Wi-Fi! Going underground has never been more comfortable.

parrot.shutterstockShutterstock/Eduardo RiveroRainforest Canopy Eco Lodge A Belize forest canopy eco lodge rewards you with a truly natural experience. Wake up to a symphony of bird song as you look out over a dense, green rainforest teeming with flora and fauna. Head for the shower – it’s outside overlooking the forest canopy and nature preserve. Kayak along the Rio Grande, a marine reserve, explore the jungle’s critters big and small or take a guided tour to nearby Mayan ruins. At the end of the day contemplate how fortunate you are to be at Mother Nature’s doorstep.