Alright guys, admit it: we all do it. We all pose for the perfect Instagram photo, debate over the filter and finalize with the perfect hashtags. Instagram isn’t just communication; it is sharing a piece of who we are and where we are in this world. Capturing a scenic landscape is one thing, but showing ourselves in the photograph is proof that we were there; that we hung our feet over the edge; that we lifted our arms to the skies and screamed.

We asked 25 Instagram influencers to hit us with their best shot. They each describe, in their own words, what makes their picture-perfect location so amazing. Just in case you’re feeling inspired, we’ve added suggestions on how you can re-create these 25 summer insta-shots yourself.

Remember, even the coolest Instagram picture isn't worth a trip to the hospital. Exercise caution when re-creating these images. Always look up recent road, trail and weather conditions, especially when venturing into B.C.'s backcountry.  It's up to you to assess potential risks and determine if your selfie spot is safe or not.


1. Joffre Lakes

Pemberton Area

Joffre LakesJen Larsen @gypsetjenn

Location: Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

How to get to Joffre Lakes: Drive north from Pemberton along Duffey Lake Road, 182 kilometres from Vancouver. Look for signs after approximately 31 kilometres past Pemberton. Park in the lot or on the shoulder of the highway.

What makes this place so awesome: "Backcountry hiking on a defined trail with three milky blue lakes to feast your eyes on. Matier Glacier is a highlight, as are the waterfalls along the way." — @gypsetjenn

Tips: This trail gets extremely busy during the summer. Go early to avoid hiking among the crowd. The trail is rated moderate (any fit person will have no trouble) and reaching the base of Matier Glacier at Upper Joffre Lake requires a bit of scrambling. This is the backcountry: bring water, dress in layers and wear suitable footwear.

Re-create this Instagram image: Hike to Middle Joffre Lake (the second lake in the chain of three) and take a classic back-to-the-camera shot.

Bloggers who have lived the experience:

Jenn Larsen on
Michelle from
Megan Kennedy from 


2. Paul's Tomb


Phil SorensenPhil Sorensen / @philsorensenphotos

Location: Knox Mountain Park, Kelowna

How to get to Paul’s Tomb: Follow Ellis Street northbound from Highway 97 until you reach Knox Mountain Park. You can either park at the bottom of Knox, or at the first pavilion where the trailhead begins. The hike to Paul's Tomb is a fairly easy walk with a little bit of incline at some sections, which provide great views of Okanagan Lake. At Paul's Tomb, there is a secluded swimming spot and picnic area that offers the opportunity for stunning sunsets.

What makes this place so awesome: "I love the Paul's Tomb hike because it is an amazing area to enjoy some cold drinks with friends and swim in the summer months. It is highly worthwhile to stick around into the evenings, as the swimming area experiences some of the best sunsets in the Okanagan!" — @philsorensenphotos

Re-create this Instagram image: Hang a hammock while the sun is low in the sky and snap an image just as it sets.


3. Long Beach


azoobkoffAlly Zoobkoff / @azoobkoff

Location: Long Beach, Tofino

How to get to Long Beach: Follow Highway 4 all the way from Coombs, B.C., to Tofino. You can’t miss the signs along the highway to turn to Long Beach. Once at the Long Beach parking lot, which is located literally right off of the highway, there are multiple access points that lead you down to the beach.

 What makes this place so awesome: "There aren’t many places where you can hike through lush temperate rainforests, soak in natural hot springs, surf epic waves and watch whales  all in one day. Being in Tofino and the Clayoquot Sound, you really get that small town, authentic west coast vibe. It's incredibly serene, the locals are super friendly and always ready to take you on an adventure. And, you can get the best tacos!" — @azoobkoff

 Re-create this Instagram image: Hold up your sunglasses and fit your friends into the “lens" for an artistic Instagram image.

Bloggers who have lived the experience: 
Rhonda from
Helen from
Claudia from


4. Cypress

West Vancouver

CypressAlicia Haque / @alicia_hq /

Location: Black Mountain Trail, Cypress

Getting there from Vancouver: From Downtown Vancouver, take the Lions Gate Bridge and follow signs for Highway One / Taylor Way. Continue West, then take Exit #8 onto Cypress Bowl Road. Follow the road up the mountain until you reach the parking lot for the Downhill Ski area.

Getting to the Trailhead: From the parking lot of the Downhill Ski area, head towards the nearest set of chairlifts (behind the wooden board) and lookout for the trail that leads into the forest on the left hand side. Follow the clearly marked signs for the Black Mountain trail. You could also follow this trail to reach Eagle Bluffs.

What makes this place awesome: "I love the hikes on Cypress because they're so close to the city, yet you feel like you're in the wilderness. This particular trail can be completed within a few hours, and the views of Howe Sound and the coastal mountains are simply stunning." — @alicia_hq

Re-create this Instagram image: Let your hair down and throw your hands up.

 Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Alicia from


5. Panorama Ridge

Garibaldi Provincial Park

Panorama RidgeTaylor Burk / @taylormuchaelburk /

Location: Panorama Ridge

How to get to Panorama Ridge: Start at the parking lot for Garibaldi Lake in the Provincial Park. The turn-off is very well marked and there are multiple signs along the way to make sure you're heading in the right direction. The 30 km hike makes for a long day but you're rewarded with an incredible view!

What makes this place so awesome: "It’s one of my favourite places to escape because of its close proximity to Vancouver. Be sure to pack some food and bring lots of water." — @taylormichaelburk 

Re-create this Instagram image: You’ll probably want to put your pack down as soon as you stop hiking, but keeping it on for a picture shows how tough you are.


6. Riverside Park


alison abroadAlison Karlene Hodgins / @alison_abroad

Location: Riverside Park, Kamloops

How to get to Riverside Park: Walk down 1st ave towards the train tracks. The sidewalk passes beneath a bridge and ends in grassy Riverside Park. Take a trail down to the sand or follow the footpath to the public beach area.

What makes this place so awesome: "People often discount Kamloops as brown, dusty and dry. Okay, it may be all of those things, but this picture also proves it is blessed with brilliant blue skies and a (sometimes) clear, rushing river. I like to come down here with my friends to hula hoop or play acoustic guitar. The upside of it not being very popular? I often get this stunning view all to myself." — @alison_abroad

 Re-create this Instagram image: The Thompson River is best served by a panorama, which you can upload to Instagram in stages.

Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Alison from


7. Brandywine Falls

Sea-to-Sky, Garibaldi

Brandywine fallsBrayden Hall/ @braybraywoowoo

Location: Brandywine Falls

How to get to Brandywine Falls: Brandywine Falls is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Vancouver. You will see the signs off the side of the Sea-to-Sky Highway which show you where the pull off is. It is about a 10 minute walk from the parking lot to the falls.

What makes this place so awesome: "My favourite thing about Brandywine Falls is that you are able to come face-to-face with the raw power of Mother Nature. There is just a totally surreal vibe that you get when you are standing beside a towering waterfall... It makes you see how small you really are in the grand scheme of things." — @braybraywoowoo

Re-create this Instagram image: Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty, your hair messy and your clothes wet.


8. Oyama Lookout


Oyama LookoutAdam Donovan / @adamdon_

Location: Oyama

How to get to the Oyama Lookout: Head up Oyama Lake Road and pull over at the 12th u-turn, which is almost exactly 8 km from the Middle Bench Rd/Todd Rd. intersection. There is limited parking due to it being a maintained logging road. If you’d like to get to the tree fort specifically, then walk out to the cliff side and walk southwest along the edge of the cliff until it ends. The trail will eventually elapse but the platform is only a few hundred meters away on your left.

What makes this place so awesome: "Areas like this make you forget about everything else except for the view. No matter how bad the wind is, or if there is a swarm of mosquitoes, I can always find peace. Sitting there with the bluffs at your toes is like staring at a painting, seeing the jagged mountain peaks and suburbs down below can put a completely different view on how I see my stomping ground." — @adamdon_

Re-create this Instagram image: Sky couches, tree forts and basically any suspended platform make amazing photo-ops.


9. Butler Ridge

Hudson's Hope

Butler RidgeTom Coveney / @coveneytom

Location: Hudson’s Hope

 How to get to the Butler Ridge: This picture is taken from the top of Butler Ridge, which is about 30 km (ish) north of Hudson's Hope in northeastern B.C. To get there, leave Hudson’s Hope on the Canyon Drive and then turn onto 12 mile road. The trailhead is about 18 km down the road. The trail is about 8 km one-way to top of the ridge where the photo was taken.

What makes this place so awesome: "I've hiked this probably 5 times and have only ever seen one other person up there. For me, the lack of people and the general remoteness are the main reasons why I love this area. Also, the chance to see wildlife is always good. Watch out for Grizzlies!" — @coveneytom

Re-create this Instagram image: Dogs make great hiking partners and increase the adorable-factor on Instagram, but they actually don’t prevent a bear attack—they could cause one! Don’t believe me? Read more here.


10. Bastion Mountain

Salmon Arm

MountainViktoria Gridley-Haack / @viktoriahaack

Location: Bastion Mountain, South Shushwap

How to get to the Bastion: This image was taken from Bastion Mountain Cell Tower 2. The easiest way to get there is to follow the trail map:

What makes this place so awesome: "I love this spot because it affords such incredible views of the city of Salmon Arm and its location beneath Mount Ida." — @viktoriahaack

 Re-create this Instagram image: Lean way back to get a bit of your legs and shoes in the bottom third of the frame.


11. Lindeman Lake

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park

Alesha LawrenceAlesha Lawrence / @alesha_

Location: Lindeman Lake

How to get to Lindeman Lake: Take highway # 1 (Trans Canada highway) until exit 104 and then you follow this exit until Number 3 road and turn right. Keep going straight until you will see a sign saying "Lindeman Lake Trail." Turn in there for parking in a gravel area; there is lots of parking in this area.

From there, the hike is very straight forward. It'll take about 40 minutes until you reach the lake. It is quite steep for a bit, but flattens out before you reach the lake. There are outhouses near the parking lot.

What makes this place so awesome: "The reason why I love this place is because of the crystal-clear water and the beautiful mountains in the background. It's the perfect place to hike up and bring a picnic and (maybe if it's warm enough) go for a swim." — @alesha_

Re-create this Instagram image: A colourful blanket or a patterned shawl stand out in nature shots.


12. Moses Falls


MosesAmber Lynn A / @a_lynn19

Location: Moses Falls

How to get to Moses Falls: Leaving Revelstoke, turn left onto Highway 1. Turn right at the first set of lights after the bridge, onto Westside road. Continue on until you see the sign for Moses Falls (this will be a very small white sign on your right side). Park and walk down the path about 200 metres, veering to the left at the bottom. You will hear the falls first, as they cannot be seen from any road and are hidden inside a beautiful lush escape!

What makes this place so awesome: "This was one of the first places I adventured to when I first moved to Revelstoke. Having driven across Canada, I didn't really know what to expect of where I was headed and what Revelstoke had to offer. Until unpacking my life there last fall (2015) I had never been anywhere in B.C. before... the hidden beauty I found left me in a state of "awe." Not only that, I was blessed to have wonderful friends around to share it with!" — @a_lynn19

Re-create this Instagram image: Grab an old friend, best friend or make a new friend and save a memory in time with a click of a selfie stick.


13. Peachland

Okanagan Valley

PeachlandAaron Faulkner / @aaron.b.faulkner

Location: Peachland dock

How to get to Moses Falls: Take the 97C highway from Vancouver all the way to Peachland onto Beach Avenue (lakeside). It’s super easy to find! To be honest, this dock has no name, there are actually a number of them along the waterfront with similar but unique views from each. You can't miss them!

What makes this place so awesome: "I love this location because considering how close it is to the city, the star viewing and darkness is great!" — @aaron.b.faulker

Re-create this Instagram image: Use a timelapse to capture the stars – and stand still!


Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Monique Martel from


14. Lake Kathlyn


SmithersEmily Hashemi / @emili_yogini /

Location: Lake Kathlyn, Smithers

Getting there from Vancouver: Smithers is a bit out of the way (it's approximately a 14 to 15 hour drive North from Vancouver) but the drive is beautiful. If it's too long for you, there are direct flights three times a day that take about one and a half hours.

Lake Kathlyn is minutes from downtown Smithers at the base of Hudson Bay Mountain. You can rent kayaks and paddle boards from Aquabatics. From there, ask them to point you down the trail that leads right to the lake.

What makes it awesome: "Smithers is a pretty magical place. I moved here from my hometown in Toronto about a year and half ago, having never been to B.C. or having never heard of Smithers, and I adore this place. Everyone is happy, super outdoor adventure type, there's a big music scene (we've got the Midsummer Music Festival coming up this Canada Day!), lots of local town support, very interesting/educated/well rounded people, and so much more. I like to think of myself as pretty well traveled, but I've never been to a place like this." — @emili_yogini

Re-create this Instagram image: Take a SUP yoga classes and work on your flexibility before attempting this one—it’s not as easy as it looks!

Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Fran Reisner from


15. English Bay


Gabi PetersenGabi Petersen / @petersengabi

Location: English Bay, Vancouver

How to get to English Bay: From downtown Vancouver, walk down Davie Street. At the end, you'll arrive in English Bay. You can also bus or drive, heading towards Stanley Park.

What makes this place so awesome: "I love this place because it is so peaceful. You can go there to think, to feel the wind and smell the sea. I love going there just to relax, feel the nature and have a peaceful time." — @petersengabi

Re-create this Instagram image: Tuck your skateboard into your backpack and casually walk away from your photographer. The Sepia tones make it feel extra nostalgic.

Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Rebecca Bollwitt from


16. Tunnel Bluffs

Lion's Bay, Sea-to-Sky

Tunnel BluffsLeigh McClurg / @pebbleshoo /

Location: Tunnel Bluffs

How to get to Tunnel Bluffs: This hike is near Whistler along the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Exact directions to get to it can be found at this link:

What makes this place so awesome: "We love this location because it is a quick steep ascent to a beautiful viewpoint. Unlike many other viewpoints closer to Vancouver City that look out on the islands of the Howe Sound, this one doesn't see near the same amount of traffic." — @pebbleshoo

Re-create this Instagram image: Snuggle up in a tent beneath the stars. When you zip open your tent to greet the dawn, have your camera ready.

Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Anne-Marie from


17. Dilworth Mountain


barnettJosh and Carly Barnett / @barnettphotographyca /

Location: Dilworth Mountain Park

How to Get There: It's easy to access via car (12 minutes from downtown) with plenty of parking at the park entrance. Gravel trails take you through the park where Arrow Leaf Balsamroot Flowers (also known as The Okanagan Sunflower) bloom in abundance during the months of March and April. From the park entrance to the lookouts is about a 3 minute walk.

What makes it awesome: "We love taking pictures in this park because the evening sunset provides beautiful backlit portraits with the City of Kelowna as a backdrop. It looks over South Glenmore and Downtown. It's easy to appreciate the vast amount of greenspace and farmland in Kelowna from this vantage point." — @barnettphotographyca

Want a professional photographer for your Instagram image? Click here for more of Barnett Photography.

Re-create this Instagram image: We know you’ll want to take a cute coupley photo with your significant other sometime this summer—just make sure you have a stunning backdrop to compliment it.

Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Charles Kosman from
Alison from


18. Alice Lake Provincial Park

Brackendale, Sea-to-Sky

Alice Lake Provincial CampgroundPaula Wallis / @pwallis /

Location: Alice Lake Provincial Campground 

How to Get to Alice Lake Provincial Park: Alice Lake Provincial Park is an easy drive from Vancouver. It is located straight up the Sea-to-Sky Highway approximately 13 km north of Squamish. It has a sign posted visible from the highway.  This photo was taken at site 72 in Campground B - great spot!

What makes it awesome: "This photograph is especially nostalgic for me. The coffee pot in the photo was a recently passed down family "heirloom" given to me my Mother, and brings back fond childhood memories of summers spent camping B.C.'s wilderness with my folks. I was stoked to bring my little girl up to Alice Lake for her first time to share the family traditions with her and spend time exploring, hiking and geocaching with her." — @pwallis

Click here for more of Paula' photos.

Re-create this Instagram image: Make your Instagram more sentimental by bringing in a family heirloom. If that’s too personal for your feed, show your foodie side by displaying your classic hand-crafted latte, mountain coffee or vegan dinner dish.



19. Lynn Canyon


Lynn canyon suspension bridgeAdam Perron / @adam_perron /

Location: Lynn canyon suspension bridge

How to get to Lynn canyon suspension bridge: It's less than 30 minutes from Vancouver in North Vancouver. Park at the main lot and follow the signs. On the right you will see a cafe and restrooms, turn left onto the trail and you will end up at the suspension bridge. There are great trails and hikes for all levels surrounding the bridge. 

What makes this place so awesome: "Lynn Canyon is an awesome stop right outside the busy city of Vancouver and totally worth a visit. Lush green forests and breathtaking sights and scenes from 160 ft. above. All fears aside, don't forget to look down. The view from the bridge is one of a kind."  — @adam_perron

Click here to contact Adam

Tip: If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the bridge alone, we advise visiting in the rain. 

Re-create this Instagram image: Embrace the rain and show off your favourite umbrella.

 Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Sam from


20. Alexander Falls

Callaghan Valley, Sea-to-Sky

Alexander FallsAisling Gale / @adventure_ash

Location: Alexander Falls

How to get to Alexander Falls: It's off the Sea-to-Sky highway in the Callaghan Valley. There's a small parking area but there's rarely ever anyone else there. There is a viewing platform you can walk to.

What makes this place so awesome: "I love this place because it feels like you're entering a different world... It looks like Jurassic Park." — @adventure_ash

Re-create this Instagram image: Test your balance on a tree stump and gaze across the wild landscape.


21. Egmont

Sunshine Coast

EgmontMeaghan Osborne /

Location: Egmont, Sunshine Coast

How to get to West Coast Wilderness Lodge: Take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale (Sunshine Coast). West Coast Wilderness Lodge is located 86 km along Hwy 101. This photo was take just in front of Old Egmont where Hotham Sound Inlet meets Jervis Inlet.

What makes this place so awesome: “Egmont is an "end of the road" culture. It is growing because of tourism, but it still has the feeling of being a small fishing/logging town (where there is no cell phone service!). At the Lodge, where I work, people can come and rent kayaks or go on a 3-hour guided kayak tour around the inlets and islands. We also offer zodiac tours around the inlets and out to Princess Louisa Provincial Park.” —

Re-create this Instagram image: With so many stunning ocean inlets, lakes and rivers, British Columbians love getting out on the water. For more paddle routes, click here.

 Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Laurie McConnell from


22. Golden Ears Provincial Park

Maple Ridge

Golden Ears Provincial ParkTaylor McColl / @taylor.mccoll /

Location: Golden Ears Provincial Park

How to get to Golden Ears: Take Lougheed Highway through Maple Ridge. Follow Fern Crescent to Golden Ears Parkway.

The photo above was taken in Golden Ears Provincial Park on the Spirea Nature Trail (easily accessible and very short trail).

What makes this place so awesome: “I love this spot because of the moss enveloping the forest floor and the amazing sunbeams that can pierce through the second growth trees during the dawn hours.” — @taylor.mccoll

For more awesome images, click here.

Re-create this Instagram image: Play around with positioning to capture different angles of the sunlight.

 Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Megan from
Arnette from


23. Alexandra Bridge

Fraser Canyon

Alexandra BridgeKira Hak / @life_of_ki /

Location: Alexandra Bridge

How to get to the Alexandra Bridge: The Alexandra Bridge is located in the Fraser Canyon at the Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park, just north of Spuzzum. If you are coming from Hope, the park is located on the left side of the highway just after crossing the highway bridge. The trail leading to the bridge is an easy 1 km from the parking lot. The original bridge was built in 1862 as part of the the world famous "Cariboo Wagon Road"  and used to get across the Fraser River during the Caribou Gold Rush - the bridge that is here now was built in 1926.

What makes this place so awesome: “B.C. is full of amazing historical sites - I love checking them out and learning the history of this beautiful province!” — @life_of_ki

For more Adventure Haks, click here.

Re-create this Instagram image: Rather than strike a casual pose, take a jump shot!


24. Bridal Veil Falls


Bridal Veil FallsJared MacArthur / @j.macarthur_photography /

Location: Bridal Veil Falls

How to get to Bridal Veil Falls: The recreation area is easy to access and is just a two minute drive off of Highway #1. Travelling from Vancouver, the trip will take you a little over an hour. Take exit 138 and follow the signs for "Bridal Falls Recreation Area."

Despite how popular this area is for tourists and locals alike, there seems to always be plenty of parking. At the trailhead you have two options to get to the falls; the main trail is a direct trail to the falls which takes 5 to 10 minutes, and the other "Woodland" trail is a more scenic, slower, walk through the forest, but both will get you there. 

What makes this place so awesome: “I'd recommend to anyone that has not already been to Bridal Falls to go check it out. I have been a number of times when I was young and I still find myself back there whenever I get the chance; it's a hidden gem that is as rewarding to locals as it is to foreign tourists. Lets be real, this is in our own backyard!" — @j.macarthur_photography

For more beautiful shots around BC, click here.

Re-create this Instagram image: Prove how majestic B.C. is by fitting the full height of the falls into your photo.

 Bloggers who have lived the experience:
Adelina from


25. Rose Hill Road


KamloopsTyrel Rose / @tyrel.rose

Location: Kamloops

How to get to Rose Hill Road: Kamloops is a 4 hour drive from Vancouver. To get to Rose Hill Road, turn south off of Valleyview Drive. It's a long, curvy, scenic road.

What makes this place so awesome: “I love Kamloops because there is a great community of photographers here to drive and support each other. Kamloops has many different terrains. Drive one way you’re way out in the bush surrounded by trees. Drive another way and you are surrounded by hills and dirt.

There are many hills like the one I took the picture on along the Rose Hill Road. I just parked on the side of the road and walked up one of those hills.” — @tyrel.rose

Re-create this Instagram image: Hot air balloons, parachutes, flying squirrels—anything floating in the sky makes it more interesting.




There you have it — 25 of BC's most memorable, picturesque places.
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