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Room to breathe… That’s a luxury that can come at a high price at many hotels, especially when the whole family are travelling together—which is exactly why more and more Canadian travellers are opting for vacation rentals these days.

Rental villas and condos provide a fabulously practical and economical way for families or groups to get together, share the costs and get more bang for their buck. And as we edge into 2015, this is a great time to consider whether a vacation rental is right for you. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to have a family get-together or college reunion to look forward to in the spring?

So, if you’re thinking of getting the gang together in Florida this spring—be it in a stylish condominium at Panama City Beach or a cozy family villa in Destin, here are the important questions that you need to ask yourself…

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1. Does size matter?

A vacation rental will almost always provide you with more space at a lower price than a hotel room.

2. Do you like your toys?

Surf boards, tennis rackets, snow shoes and sun umbrellas… Cramming them all into a hotel room can certainly take its toll, but with a vacation rental you will have more space to bring all of your toys along with you.

3. Are your kids fussy eaters?

If the wee ones can be a little fussy in restaurants, staying at a vacation rental gives you the opportunity to make sure that they stay well-fed as you’ll have your very own kitchen to prepare all of their favourite meals in. You also won’t have to get them dressed to go down to breakfast in a hotel restaurant—after all, in your own kitchen, pyjamas are perfectly acceptable attire!

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4. Do you like to feel like a local?

If you hate being marked out as a tourist and prefer to experience the more authentic side of a destination, a vacation rental is the perfect option for you. It allows you to blend into the local lifestyle, shop in neighbourbood stores, hang out in local restaurants and cafes and experience what it’s like to actually live in your chosen destination.

5. Do you like to save cash on dining?

The vast majority of vacation rentals contain a full kitchen—but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend your valuable vacation time tied to a stove. Make a plan so that all the adults in your group take their turn serving up their speciality dish. Not only is this a great way to spend an evening—it’s also a fabulous way to save some cash.

6. Do you like to catch your own dinner?

Are you ready for a homemade, coastal feast? Then check out travel blogger Ashley Castle’s video series on her stay with ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals in Pensacola Beach, Florida, where she sets out to catch and cook her own dinner. Ashley took advantage of the kitchen in her vacation rental at The Beach Club in Pensacola Beach, which offers all the appliances and tools you need to cook a full meal. After a deep-sea excursion, she brought her hard-earned fish back to her rental, and with the help of a professional chef, prepared a local dish.

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7. Do you appreciate your privacy?

Sharing a vacation rental with family and friends helps you to strike a perfect balance between togetherness and privacy. You can enjoy family meals together in the communal kitchen, but everyone also has enough space to come and go as they please. There will be no maids coming and going, no ridiculously thin walls, no noisy elevated and no overcrowded pools to ruin your peace and quiet.

8. Do you like to take an extended vacation?

Vacation rentals provide a great option for extended vacations. And let’s face it, as they offer all the comforts of home—appliances, laundry facilities etc—you’ll want to stay for longer—and as your cash will be stretching further, you can probably afford it too.

9. Do you like extra perks?

If your vacation rental is part of a larger resort or condo complex, you may enjoy privileges like access to golf and tennis courses.

10. Do you like to beat the clock?

When you stay in a vacation rental, there are no schedules to conform to. Get out of bed when you like and have breakfast when you like. Beating the clock was never so luxurious!