Skunk Train

Skunk train

California’s Skunk Train offers an array of relaxing tours in the day and night, prioritizing faithful recreation of the period (cell phones discouraged) and good times. From the cheery Beer and Bratwurst train to the Grand Ol’ Time period adventure, the Skunk Train is sure to be a good time. 


Royal Banff

Royal Banff Train

The Royal Canadian Pacific Rail runs dinner trains out of Banff, Alberta, with a focus on luxury and style. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful train, or more beautiful scenery; the iconic, snow-capped peaks that make Banff so popular for skiers will be just as appreciated by those looking for a day of pampered rail touring.



Yosemite Train


Ride Yosemite Sugar Pine Railroad’s authentic steam train for a trip back into history, and out into the wild. Featuring the world-renowned vistas of the mountainous Yosemite region, the loud, chugging train will transport passengers (well-fed passengers, of course) into the mind and experience of those first trips down 85-year-old tracks.

Credit Valley 

Credit Valley Train


The Credit Valley Explorer claims to be Southern Ontario’s most scenic rail tour, and with its 72-kilometer route through the hilly Mississauga region, it’s hard to argue. First built in 1879, the Credit Valley route begins and ends in Orangeville, winding through the hills of Southern Ontario and treating guests to a complete, professionally catered experience.


Branson Train

Branson, Missouri is the optimal launching point for a breathtaking rail excursion into the Ozark mountain ranges, and the historic Branson Scenic Railway lets locals and travelers alike do just that. May through December, the railway offers dinner trains – though it may be difficult to chew with your mouth hanging open.


Columbia Star 

Columbia Star Train

The Columbia Star railroad offers year-round evening dinner trains (with a brunch train on Sundays), taking passengers on a 3-hour moonlit journey into the Missouri countryside. The four-course meal is prepared on the train, allowing passengers to dine by candlelight as the countryside rolls by their window. This tour is sure to set a romantic mood for any couple.

HoboHobo Train

The Hobo Railroad is not a luxury ride – it’s an entertainment experience. Taking passengers through popular vacation spots and deserted countryside alike, the Hobo train offers its famous Picnic Lunch tour, and a serious sense of style. With a focus on a fun and energetic experience, the Hobo train is sure to please all but the most curmudgeonly rider.

Alberta PrairieAlberta Prairie Train

The Alberta Prairie Railway offers scenery available in few places on earth. The earth-tone plains of the Alberta countryside provide a unique and awe-inspiring backdrop to a variety of tours. From murder mysteries to dinner theater, the Alberta Prairie Railway has a perfect way to fill just about any hole in schedule.


Conway Train

New Hampshire’s Conway Scenic Railroad offers lunch and dinner tours on their Valley and Notch trains, letting passengers choose not only their route, but their experience as well. The first-class Notch tour offers luxury and style, while the Valley tour prioritizes scenic vistas, and affordable pricing.

Mt. RainierMt Rainier Train

Where many dining trains try to cover as much ground as possible, the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railway takes passengers on an intimate journey through the foothills of just that single mountain. Its winding course allows ample time to eat and view, showing all the beauty available in this one remarkable locale.