We love escorted trips because they’re great for travellers looking to discover the world – without all the pre-trip deliberation. We also love when amazing experiences are taken to the next level, and it seems that Luxury Gold, with its VIP experiences, Travelling Concierges and Local Experts around the globe, has figured out how to do just that.

Here are some incredible destinations that just wouldn’t be the same without their golden touch:




England & Scotland

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The world is having a love affair with London right now, thanks to all the noble births, regal weddings and naturally, season two of The Crown. From private excursions of the royal gardens to enjoying high tea in the ballroom of a Scottish palace, Luxury Gold’s British Royale itinerary brings travellers into the heart of English high society. Guests can catch a steam train ride across the countryside, observe the 700-year-old Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London, and enjoy 24-hour butler service at a five-star hotel. It’s a great way to experience life “at the pleasure of the Queen.”



Synonymous with amour, rich food and fashion, France is a glamorous getaway spot whether you’re in the streets of Paris or a village in Rhone Valley. The French Vogue itinerary takes the romance of France to the next level, making stops in Paris, Monaco and Arles. Think VIP access to the top of the Eiffel Tower and an etiquette class taught in a private chateaux, mingling with royalty in Monaco and Michelin-star dining in Provence. Guests also get a taste of everyday life with a home-cooked meal in a private Parisian home, and a tour of Van Gogh’s favourite city with a local expert.



Viking heritage meets avant-garde style in the clean-cut modern cultures of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, where travellers hungry for a blend of art and the outdoors won’t be disappointed. Luxury Gold’s Timeless Scandinavia trip includes a music recital in the villa of a famous Norwegian composer, an after-hours visit to the Hollmenkollen Ski Jump Museum, and a hair-raising spiral train ride through the mountainside of Flåm Valley. Travellers also get a glimpse of the region’s far-reaching naval history, from a 200-year-old warship in Stockholm to a working wharf in Bergen that dates all the way back to the 14th century.


Croatia & Montenegro

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

The coastal cities of the Adriatic Sea embody Mediterranean living at its most magical, and the experiences of the Captivating Croatia and Montenegro luxury journey is a showcase of culture, seaside scenes and warm-weather flavours. Visitors longing to soak up the sun can do so at their five-star resorts in Montenegro and Split, steps away from sparkling waters filled with super yachts and scrumptious seafood. Meet a famous family of craftsman who makes gold jewellery using archaic techniques, sample old-world red wine, tour the 1,700-year-old Diocletian’s Palace and join an oyster farmer on a boat into the Adriatic Sea to snack on freshly-shucked oysters.


Spain & Portugal

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Alhambra, Granada

There are few places more exhaustively expressive than the regions of Spain and Portugal. From the architectural achievements of Barcelona’s Gaudi and the Moors of Seville to the monasteries and museums in Lisbon and Évora, it’s all art, all the time in these sun-kissed spots. Luxury Gold’s Spain and Portugal in Style itinerary deepens the cultural connection, offering travellers a behind-the-scenes tour of Barcelona’s Liceu Opera house and a leisurely stroll through the jaw-dropping Alhambra Palace and its Granada garden paradise. Add a historian-led gallery tour, a private flamenco performance and Michelin-star dining in Madrid for an artistic experience that’s as immersive as it is inspiring.




Beyond Europe:



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Palace Guard, Jaipur

When it comes to India, there’s just so much to say. One of our oldest civilizations, home to Hinduism, Buddhism, kaleidoscopic colours and indescribable flavours, the best – and only – way to tackle this captivating country is to take it slow and savour it one area at a time. The culturally-immersive Imperial Rajasthan with ME to WE journey does just that, combining the Taj Mahal with stops in rural farming villages, rickshaw rides in Delhi with high tea at Jaipur’s Sukh Niwas Palace, and musical, starlit desert feasts with a visit to a camel farm. Travellers can also opt to stay at Araeli Cottages and Tented Camp in rural India, where they can connect with local women and leave a positive impact by participating in community development projects.



Technology, tradition and dynastic splendour can only begin to define the modern masterpiece that is Japan, but Luxury Gold’s Majestic Japan itinerary is a great place to start. Travellers are treated to an exclusive samurai warrior experience at Aoba Castle, a locally-led foodie tour of Osaka, and learn the delicate art of aboriculture from a cherry blossom tree “doctor” at Hirosaki Castle. Between a walking tour of Kyoto’s geisha district and a private sushi-making class, visitors also have the rare chance to speak with a survivor of the 1945 Hiroshima atomic bombing, and meditate in the quiet elegance of a Zen Buddhist temple.


New Zealand

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This faraway place of epic landscapes and temperate rainforests, of ancient peoples and wry local humour is a delight to anyone who takes the time to know it. The Inspiring New Zealand journey combines new world experiences with centuries-old Maori culture, granting travellers access to film locations from Lord of the Rings and special entry to Te Papa Museum. A privately-hosted Maori show and meal cooked over a geothermal steam gives guests insights into the deep-rooted traditions, while boutique wine tastings, Wellington foodie tours and Polynesian spa escapes expand on the offerings of this veritably untouched double island.


Costa Rica

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Red-eyed tree frog

Everybody knows Costa Rica is an ecological paradise, but it might surprise you to learn that it’s the people of this Central American country that give the land its pura vida (pure life). Luxury Gold’s Indulgence in Costa Rica with Torugero itinerary really shines a light on the locals, taking travellers to share a cup with a family of coffee farmers in Central Valley, learn about the active Arenal Volcano from a local volcanologist, and visit with indigenous artisans as they create traditional pottery from their home in Guatil.


South America

With 12 countries and 448 languages built from ancient civilizations, South America is an intimidating continent to tackle in one vacation. Luxury Gold’s Grand South America journey helps travellers do it in 22-days, taking a whirlwind tour of Brazil, Chile, Peru and Argentine – while making time for meaningful cultural experiences and human connections along the way. Guests can meet celebrated artists in Lima, learn to barter like locals at a market in Cusco, talk jazz with the owner of the most famous club in South America, and luxuriate at an Andean spa resort in the clouds at Machu Picchu.


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